Registrations of new teams are now CLOSED. See section below.

Player registrations are still OPEN, with early bird pricing until Sunday, 27th August 2023.

2023 Spring Junior Competition Registrations


The following information is provided for team managers, players and their parents/carers. Please contact us at newcastlejuniors@gmail.com if you have any questions not answered on this page.

Competition Info

Our 2023 Junior Competition will run on Tuesdays starting from 5th September and finishing on 28th November for 11s/13s/15s/17s. 7s/9s differ slightly so please refer to the special section on Competition Dates for 7s and 9s. There are no games played in the school holidays and each competition will include 10 regular rounds plus a finals round including a free BBQ for players.

All games are played at fields within the Newcastle Harness Racing Club at New Lambton or additional fields nearby – see our Location section.

Depending on team registrations, we will establish separate competitions for boys and girls in the following age groups:

  • 7 years & under (7s)
  • 9 years & under (9s)
  • 11 years & under (11s)
  • 13 years & under (13s)
  • 15 years & under (15s)
  • 17 years & under (17s) – girls only, see FAQ below for options for boys

Eligibility is based on the child’s age as at 31st December 2023.

Here are the competition dates in calendar form:

What options are there for 16+ year old boys?

In recent years, we have not had enough teams to run competitions for our older juniors. For the girls, we had a siginficant number of Girls 15 & under teams in 2022 so we are hopeful of having enough interest to run a Girls 17 years & under competition in 2023. Unfortunately, we only just had enough for a Boys 15 years & under competition in 2022 so it is unlikely that we will have enough for a Boys 17 years & under competition in 2023. We have not opened up registrations for the older boys division at this stage but you can still express your interest as follows:

  • If you think you have enough (or thereabouts) for a team in Boys 17 years & under, please send an email to  newcastlejuniors@gmail.com so we can see if there is enough interest.
  • If you are an individual (or a small group of friends) who is 16 or 17 in 2023 and would like to play, please follow the instructions under the players looking for a team section to register your interest.

Note: In limited circumstances, we may consider allowing a 16 year old to play in a 15 years & under junior team. Please send your request to newcastlejuniors@gmail.com for our consideration.

Alternatively, for those older juniors who are looking for an extra challenge, we do welcome you to consider joining teams in our senior competitions. Junior players who are 17 or under receive a reduced registration fee when registering into a senior team. Our senior competitions start in Term 4 (from 9th October 2023).

What are the reserved dates for?

We have reserved dates on Sunday afternoons for potential make up games. These will only be used if there are excessive washouts. Please see our Draw section for more details on our washout policy.

Competition dates for 7s and 9s

Due to the size of our junior competition and availability of fields, the competition dates for 7s and 9s are slightly different to the older age groups. To fit everything in, 7s and 9s teams will have one less round before the school holidays than the older teams but will finish one week later to make up for this.

7s teams

This year we are going to try something a little different to help introduce our youngest players to the sport. We will run a basic 30 minute skills session for all 7s teams followed by their first game (Round 1) and a BBQ afterwards. This will be scheduled late in the afternoon on Sunday, 17th September. We would love the kids to enjoy their touch football experience and think this is a great way to kick things off.

7s teams will then play Round 2 on Tuesday, 19th September and will continue on Tuesdays after the school holidays.

9s teams

For 9s teams, they will start Round 1 along with the older age groups on Tuesday, 5th September and then Round 2 on Tuesday, 12 September. Only some 9s teams will play on Tuesday, 19th September but all will continue on Tuesdays after the school holidays.

Finals for 7s and 9s

We will play a finals round for 7s and 9s teams on Tuesday, 5th December. We do not keep scores or a ladder for 7s and 9s teams and so finals will not be based on ladder position. It will be similar to an ordinary round except we will ensure all teams get a game.

Why is the skills session and first 7s game scheduled on a Sunday and not a Tuesday?

We hope you agree that a skills session is a great way to get kids started and welcome many of them to the club for the first time. We wanted to make their first experience enjoyable and fun so we hope you can understand that this would be far too difficult to coordinate on a weekday with the rest of the competition. It will be scheduled late on a Sunday afternoon, with minimum disruption to your weekend plans plus the kids will get a free sausage sandwich to top it all off.

When and where do 7s and 9s teams play?

The following table shows the scheduled dates for each 7s and 9s round. 9s have an additional round scheduled but do not have more games as only some teams play in Round 3 to even up games played per team across the competition.

Round 7s Round 9s
    1 Tue, 5th Sep
1 Sun, 17th Sep 2 Tue, 12th Sep
2 Tue, 19th Sep 3* Tue, 19th Sep
3 Tue, 10th Oct 4 Tue, 10th Oct
4 Tue, 17th Oct 5 Tue, 17th Oct
5 Tue, 24th Oct 6 Tue, 24th Oct
6 Tue, 31st Oct 7 Tue, 31st Oct
7 Tue, 7th Nov 8 Tue, 7th Nov
8 Tue, 14th Nov 9 Tue, 14th Nov
9 Tue, 21st Nov 10 Tue, 21st Nov
10 Tue, 28th Nov 11 Tue, 28th Nov
11 (Finals) Tue, 5th Dec 12 (FInals) Tue, 5th Dec

In terms of location:

  • 7s: Round 1 & 2 will be played at our main fields, Rounds 3 – 10 will be played at the extra fields and the Finals round will finish at our main fields.
  • 9s: Most rounds and Finals will be played at our main fields. Only Girls 9s have almost all games from Rounds 4 -11 played at the extra fields but the Finals round will finish at our main fields.

Please see our Location section for more details.

Games times for your team will be provided when the draw is finalised, however:

  • Main fields: Any 7s or 9s games played at our main fields will be played at 4:45pm, 5:15pm or 5:45pm.
  • Extra fields: Any games played at the extra fields will be played at 4:30pm, 5pm or 5:30pm.

Registrations – NOW OPEN!

Player registration fee

To register in our competition, the following fees apply:

  • $22 per player  – national annual membership fee paid to Touch Football Australia (TFA).
  • $65 per player (early-bird rate if paid by 27 Aug 2023) – player registration fee paid to Newcastle City Touch to cover our expenses in running the competition. You can use an Active Kids Voucher to partially pay for this fee.
  • You also need a reversible playing singlet to play in our junior competition. If you already have one, you can reuse it otherwise you can buy one from the clubhouse. The singlets cost only $25 each and can be reused in future junior and senior competitions.
What is the "MySideline" website?

MySideline is the official administration system of Touch Football Australia. It is used for team & player registrations, draws and results.

Why are there two separate fees per player?

In previous years, player registration has involved a single fee but this is now represented as two separate fees in 2023: annual membership fee and player registration fee.

Annual membership fee

Touch Football Australia (TFA) is the governing body of touch football in Australia. They organise a number of things at a national level, including insurance for participants in touch football competitions. In the past, clubs have had to collect and pay TFA for insurance as part of our player registration fee. From 1 July 2023, this will now be paid directly to TFA during the registration process in MySideline. All participants will need to pay for their annual TFA membership before registering in a team. One benefit is for those that play in multiple competitions, you only need to pay this annual membership fee once per year. If you want more information about the new national membership model, please refer to:

Player registration fee

The remaining player registration fee is paid to Newcastle City Touch during the registration process. This covers our costs in running the competition. The player registration fee is less than our fee in 2022 as we no longer have to collect and pay TFA for insurance (now covered in the annual membership fee). You can use an Active Kids Voucher to partially pay for this fee.

What happens if I register after the early-bird discount closure?

Registering early is cheaper for you but it also helps us. Early-bird registrations allow us to finalise teams and draws before the competition starts whereas late registrations make this very hard to organise. This competition is run by volunteers so please help us by getting your registrations in early.

Registrations after the early-bird registration date will be $10 extra per player.

How to register

Registrations are simple. If you have questions, please first check the Registration FAQS before contacting us.

Team registration

Player registration

Looking for a team?

Step 1 – Team registration

Online registration of new teams is now CLOSED. We may be able to accept additional teams in limited circumstances. If you are interested, please send an email to newcastlejuniors@gmail.com with the age / gender you would like to register a team in and with the names of confirmed players. We will review and let you know if this is possible.

There is no Register button, just Get In Contact. What do I do?

In order to manage within available capacity, we have limited the number of teams in all divisions. If there is no Register button available, it means that we have reached the limit in that division. You will need to add yourself to the waitlist for the division by either using the Get In Contact button or sending an email to newcastlejuniors@gmail.com

We will make any slots available to teams on the waitlist based on a first-come, first-served basis. Either way, we will let teams know as soon as possible whether we can include them in the competition or not.

Step 2 – Team manager invites players

As team manager, you need to get all of your players to register into your team. You do this by “inviting” them to register. You can either invite them using the screens when you first register the team or later. The invitation process sends each player a link so they can register as a player straight into the team.

I have registered the team. How do I now invite players?

During the team registration process, there is a screen shown which allows you to invite players to register. Don’t worry if you didn’t do that as you can do it later as well.

You will need the email sent to you from MySideline when the team was registered. It will look something like the following. The link will take you to a screen where you can enter the email details of your players and it will then send them a link to register into the team. Simple!

I don't have the email addresses of players. How do I invite them?

Some team managers like to use group chat tools like WhatsApp to keep in contact with their players but may not have their email addresses. To invite these players, refer to the previous question which includes an example of the team registration email. This email contains a link you can copy and post into your group chat.

Step 3 – Player registration

This step is applicable only for players who have been invited by a team manager to register into a team. If you don’t have a team to join but want to play, please refer to the section for players looking for a team.

The easiest way to register yourself into the correct team is using an invitation email / link from your team manager. Online payment of the player registration fee is also required as part of the registration process so please ensure you have your credit card handy.

Another way is to search for the team via the Touch Football Australia website. You will need to know the team name for this search. This searches across all associations in Australia and there are a lot of similar team names so please ensure you check the details of the team (Newcastle City Touch Association, correct competition and team contact) before registering.

What does the invitation email look like?

If your team manager has invited you to register into the team, you will have received an email like this:

Clicking the link will take you to a MySideline page displaying the team you are invited to register into. Follow the instructions to register.

Players looking for a team

If you want to play in our junior competition but don’t have a team, please fill in this form with your details and we will try to help.

We will work with team managers to understand their player numbers and determine how many more players they are looking for. We will let you know before the competition starts if we will have a spot for you. If we do, we will ask you to register and pay within 24 hours otherwise we may need to consider other requests.

We usually allocate players to teams in the days before the competition starts. If you have not heard from us by Saturday, 2nd September 2023 then please contact us at newcastlejuniors@gmail.com.

Registration Dates

Here is a summary of the key dates for registration:

  • Sunday, 20th August 2023 (or earlier) New team registrations close. After this, additional team requests will only be considered where there is space available. Please note: in recent years, this date has been brought forward as we reached the maximum number of teams for the fields and timeslots available.
  • Sunday, 27th August 2023 – Early-bird registration fee closes. Registrations after this date will be $10 extra per player. Teams must also have the mininum number of players registered as we will start allocating players looking for a team after this date.
  • Tuesday, 5th September 2023 – Games start.
  • Tuesday, 19th September 2023 – All player registrations close. Player registrations after this date may only be accepted at the discretion of the committee.

Registration FAQs

If you still have questions after reading the FAQs or are experiencing problems when registering, please email us newcastlejuniors@gmail.com

I've played in a previous competition. Is there any easy way to register without entering all of my information again?

In 2020, Touch Football Australia implemented a new administration platform called MySideline. If you have previously registered on this platform, you will be able to reuse your profile. All others will need to complete a new player registration.

What does the team manager have to do?

The team manager is our main contact to organise teams. Before the competition, you will help get players registered. As the competition progresses, you will ensure you can field a team each week.

For extra tips on team management and coaching of junior teams, please see Team Managers / Coaches of Junior Teams.

What will happen if there are insufficient teams in a division?

If we do not have enough teams in a division to run an independent competition, we may need to combine divisions. If so, we will do our best to ensure games are as evenly matched as possible.

How many players do we need to register a team?

The numbers of players on the field varies based on the age group:

  • 7/9 Years & Under = 5 players on the field on a half size field.
  • Older ages = 6 players on the field on a full size field.

Inevitably, not all players can make all games. To ensure that your team can play every week, we require the following minimum player registrations per team:

  • 7/9 Years & Under = minimum 7 players (recommended maximum 9 players)
  • Older ages = minimum 8 players (recommended maximum 10 players)

Teams are allowed a maximum of 14 players to be registered, however we suggest you do not exceed the recommended maximum to ensure that everyone gets sufficient game time each week.

You can register your team before you have confirmed the minimum number of players. Please let us know if you need more players at newcastlejuniors@gmail.com. If we have players looking for a team, we will ask teams to accept additional players if possible. If we reach full capacity with teams, we will expect teams with only the minimum number to accept an additional player if requested.

Please note: In touch football, players may substitute on the sideline at any time. Therefore, you can ensure that all players receive similar game time.

How many players have registered in my team?

Team managers do not currently receive notifications as players register. However, MySideline does have a feature that allows access to the list of players registered in your team. When you register a new team, you will automatically be granted access as team manager. Please refer to this link for details on how to access MySideline Manager.

Why are the age groups 9s, 11s, etc not the same as representative age groups (10s, 12s, etc)?

The age groups in our Junior Competition are specifically set to be aligned with the junior touch representative season.

For example, to be eligible to play in the 10s representative team in 2023/24, you must be 10 or under as at 31st December 2024. This means that everyone who is eligible to play in our 9 Years and Under competition (i.e. 9 or under as at 31st December 2023) is also eligible to try out for the 10s representative team.

How many representative players may we register in a team?

Our preference is that all teams in a given competition are as evenly matched as possible. This provides a challenge to both teams in a game and is more enjoyable for all. For this reason, we are limiting the number of representative players able to register in a single team. We hope that team managers understand the purpose of this policy and ask that you assist when inviting players to join your team.

The policy is based on any player that represented Newcastle or another affiliate at the 2023 Peter Wilson Memorial Championships and/or 2023 Junior State Cup. Registrations are limited to no more than 4 representative players registered in any given team.

Notes on this policy:

  • If a player registers in a team above the age group they are currently eligible for, they will not count towards the limit of representative players. For example, if a player was in a 12s rep team but is 12 this year, they are considered a representative player in the Junior Competition age group they are currently eligible for (i.e. 13s). If they choose to play in a higher age group (i.e. 15s), they are no longer considered in the representative player quota for that team.
  • Selection of players in the current junior representative teams does not affect the current Junior Competition. However, if more than 4 players continue on to represent at JSC, this will restrict the ability of the team to play together in the next Junior Competition. The team would either need to split into two teams to ensure each team is within the representative player limit or play in a higher age group. If no higher age group is available in the junior competition, the team may consider joining a senior competition (subject to any entry criteria for that competition).
  • If a team exceeds the limit during registrations, the options to resolve are to split into two teams to ensure each team is within the representative player limit or play in a higher age group.
  • Individual circumstances may be considered on request in limited circumstances and depending on team registrations in a given age group. For example, if we only have four teams registered in a given age group, it may be necessary to increase the quota for this age group only.
  • If you have read this far through the policy to check whether your team complies with it, please consider if it would be better for everyone to spread talent across more than one team. Entering a team that will win every week does not help to develop your players and is no fun for your opposition.
Can I play in a higher age group?
For most players, we recommend that they play in their own age group. This will ensure that players are as evenly matched as possible in terms of experience and physical development. However, we do understand that some players may want to play in a higher age group for an extra challenge or to play with friends / older siblings. We will allow this at the parent/carer’s discretion. However, we would recommend only considering this if your child has played touch or similar ball sports before.
Can I register in more than 1 team?
Our goal is to allow as any juniors as possible to play touch. However, we do have a limited capacity in terms of fields and time slots for our junior competition and we do not want to turn players away if it can be avoided.
We do understand that some players may want to play in a team within their own age group and also in a higher age group. This will only be available on request if it does not prevent access to another player (e.g. the team must achieve the mininum number of players prior to the inclusion of a player with a second team). Also, please note that we cannot guarantee that different age groups will play at different times and so it may not even be possible.
The process is:
  1. Register for your first team. This is the only team we can guarantee you will play in.
  2. Send an email to newcastlejuniors@gmail.com with your name, the team you are registered in and the extra team you wish to register in. The committee will review and advise by Sunday, 3rd September 2023 if you can register in the second team. You will still be entitled to the early-bird fee as long as your request is submitted before the close of the early-bird discount. There are no discounts for registering in a second team.


Can I pay using an Active Kids Voucher?

MySideline supports partial payment of the player registration fee using an Active Kids Voucher. You should be aware that Active Kids Vouchers can only be used once and that under no circumstances can we refund fees paid using an Active Kids Voucher.

Are there any family discounts?

No, there are no family discounts for multiple registrations.

Is there any training?

There are no formal training times scheduled for teams in our junior competition. Some teams may wish to train but this will be organised as required by the team manager. Many teams do not train, however we do recommend a session or two for new teams to learn more about the game and each other.

Is there a winter junior competition?

We currently run one junior competition per year from September to December. Registrations for this usually open from late June.

Our senior competition in winter does sometimes offer juniors the opportunity to play social games with their families. Please like our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/NewcastleCityJuniorTouch) to get updates on the upcoming competitions.


Most games are played at our main fields within the Newcastle Harness Racing Club at New Lambton. For some 7s and 9s games, we will also use extra fields located nearby.

Main fields

Please see our location page for a detailed description of how to get to our main fields. Newcastle City Touch has access to play on the fields through an arrangement with Newcastle Harness Racing Club. We ask that you respect the following conditions:

  • For our competition, we only have access to the fields from 4:30pm. Horses may still be using the track until this time and it is definitely not safe for you to cross the track when this is happening. Please do not cross the track until after 4:30pm.
  • Additionally, the track is only to be used for crossing to and from the fields. Please ensure that kids do not play on the track.

Extra fields

As per 2022, we will use extra fields located near Magic Park for some games. If you have a game listed on fields X1, X2, X3, X4 or X5 then it will be played on one of the extra fields we have arranged through council. Please see our extra fields page for more details.


Junior games will be played on Tuesdays in 30 minute time slots (25 minute games with 5 minute break after) from 4:45pm at the main fields or from 4:30pm at the extra fields. Games for a given division may be scheduled in one or more time slots depending on team registrations, field and referee availability.

The draw will be available via this website. We will advise when it is published.

The draw is subject to change at the discretion of the committee. We will advise via email if there is a change to the draw.

When will the draw be available?

Organising a draw is very complicated. The draw can only be determined once team registrations are finalised so it is expected to be published in the week leading up to the first game. We will not know what divisions are playing at which times until then.

You should also be aware that game times either side of the school holidays may be different as we get access to extra fields after the school holidays.

For indicative purposes only, if we had the identical team numbers per gender / age as last year, the schedule might look like the following. Again, this will be entirely dependent on registrations:

  • 7s: 4:30pm, 5pm, 5:30pm
  • 9s: 4:45pm 5:15pm, 5:45pm, 6:15pm
  • 11s: 4:45pm, 5:15pm, 5:45pm, 6:15pm
  • 13s: 6:15pm, 6:45pm, 7:15pm
  • 15s: 6:45pm, 7:15pm, 7:45pm
  • 17s: 7:15pm, 7:45pm

You should be aware that requests for specific times due to other commitments are almost impossible to accommodate so please don’t be disappointed if we cannot meet your request.

Which field is which?

Please see our location page for a field map.


Our committee can do many things but we cannot control the weather. It is possible that games might be washed out due to wet weather. Such decisions are communicated as described on our Wet Weather page. Our washout policy strikes a balance between trying to give the kids as many games as possible but also limiting the extent to which we try to pre-allocated dates within the competition period.

If a regular round is washed out, we will normally abandon the round entirely. However, if there are excessive washouts, we have reserved a few Sundays to play makeup games if required. These will generally be played later on a Sunday afternoon when it is cooler and less likely to interfere with weekend plans. Whether we use a reserved date or not is entirely at the discretion of the committee. We will advise by no later than the preceding Wednesday if a reserved Sunday date will be used.

If the 11s/13s/15s finals round is washed out, we may play some or all games on the date of the 7s and 9s finals. If this date is also washed out, we will abandon the finals round. We will not extend the competition beyond this unless there are exceptional circumstances (e.g. another lockdown).

Unfortunately, we also cannot offer partial refunds due to washed out rounds as most of our costs for the season will have already been incurred once the competition starts.

Why don't you make up games through double headers or other ways?

We have surveyed participants in the past to understand their thoughts on our washout policy and, not surprisingly, there are a number of opinions on what we should do with washouts. This ranges from just cancelling rounds entirely if it rains compared to doing everything we can to make up games. However, the vast majority are happy with a policy where we try what we can to make up games within reasonable limits. We have designed our policy around this majority view.

For your reference, here are some other possibilities for make up games and why they are not considered in the policy:

  • Double headers. We are already at full capacity on Tue nights, even with the extra fields. There is not enough capacity on Tue nights to play double headers.
  • Another day. It is generally not practical to play on another day during the week due to other commitments. The best weekend option is later on Sunday afternoons, as per our policy.
  • Extending further into December. From past experience, by extending further into December we would increasingly clash with other end-of-year activities, leading to mass team withdrawals.
  • Extending into new year. Again from past experience, by extending into the new year we would increasingly clash with the commencement of winter sports, leading to mass team withdrawals.

We hope this explains why our policy is set as it is.


All players must be correctly attired in team uniform, however the requirements are very simple. Uniforms consist of the Newcastle City Touch reversible singlet and any shorts or pants. Shoes must be worn at all times.

Playing singlets

All players will need a reversible singlet. If you already have one, you can reuse it otherwise you can buy one from the clubhouse. The singlets cost only $25 each and can be reused in future junior and senior competitions.

Singlets can be purchased at the clubhouse on specific dates to be advised before the competition or on game days. Please bring a card to pay as cash payments are not accepted.

The singlets can either be worn with a blue side or, if worn inside out, a red side to distinguish one team from the other.


The colour you wear for a given game depends on the draw. This is explained in the following FAQ:

Which colour do I wear each week?

The way it works is simple for every game:

  • Wear the singlet with the Blue side showing if your team is listed first on the draw i.e on the left
  • Wear the singlet with the Red side showing if your team is listed second on the draw i.e on the right
An easy way to remember this is that ‘B‘ comes before ‘R‘ in the alphabet or ‘Be Ready to Play’
The following example should make it even clearer.

Footwear and other items

Shoes with screw-in studs or cleats are not to be worn by any player. Light leather or synthetic boots with soft moulded soles are permitted, provided individual studs are no longer than thirteen millimetres (13 mm) in length; the measurement being taken from the sole of the boot. Playing barefoot is not permissible.

Jewellery and Fingernails. Players are not to participate in any match while wearing any item of jewellery which might prove dangerous. Long or sharp fingernails are to be trimmed or taped.


How to Play Touch

If you haven’t played touch before, this is a good place to start: https://touchfootball.com.au/beginners-hub/

Playing Rules

Unless otherwise specified, games will be played in accordance with the Touch Football – 8th edition rules.

The 7 and 9 Years and Under competitions will initially operate under modified junior rules:

  • The game will be played on a half-size field with 5 players per side (normal comp: full-size field with 6 players per side)
  • After picking up the rollball, half cannot run with the ball. They must pass the ball to another players before they can join in further play (i.e. stand and pass). Defensive players may not advance until the half has passed the ball (normal comp: half may run without passing, defence may advance when the half touches the ball)
  • Errors in possession (e.g. dropped ball, forward pass, half touched with the ball) will count as a touch (normal comp: change of possession). Note: at the referee’s discretion, to more evenly match games they may choose to apply this rule to one team and not the other or only to errors in possession within the attacking team’s own half.

For the initial three games of 7s, coaches are allowed to coach on the field, at least 5 metres behind the team. After these initial games, we ask that coaches allow the players to play the games themselves and may only come onto the field if requested by the referee.

For 9s, coaches are only allowed on the field for the initial three games at the discretion of the referee. If a team is relatively experienced, we ask that you remain on the sideline and watch.

Official Referee

The committee will attempt to provide an official referee for all games. In cases where an official referee cannot be provided, the first team allocated on the score sheet will be responsible for providing a referee.

Game Start

Games are 25 minute turnaround (i.e. continuous game with no half time and teams change direction after every try). If a team does not have 4 players on the field ready to play at the start of the game, they will be given five (5) minutes before the game is declared a forfeit with the opposing team being declared the winner.


If you cannot field a team for a game, you must notify us as newcastlejuniors@gmail.com ASAP, but no later than 3pm on the Monday of the game. This will allow us to contact the other team.

As per our COVID-19 plan, please do not play if you are sick. We would rather have a forfeit than have kids playing when they are sick. Please just give us as much notice as possible so we can contact the other team.

If a game has not commenced 5 minutes after the starting time due to one team having insufficient team members, the non-offending team may claim a forfeit.

Forfeits will be recorded as a 5-nil win for the non-offending team and a 5-nil loss for the offending team. Any team which forfeits a game without the specified notice lose 2 competition points. Any team who forfeits 3 games may be prevented from taking part in the finals series.

Game Points and Ladder

For 7s and 9s, no scores are recorded and no points are allocated based on results.

For 11s and older, points are awarded based on the results. Teams will score 3 points for a win, 2 points for a draw or washed out game and 1 point for a loss.

If a game is abandoned by the referee due to rough or illegal play, 3 points will be awarded to the non-offending side and no points will be awarded to the offending side. If both teams are at fault, no points will be awarded to either team.


As we do not have a ladder for 7s and 9s, there is no finals round. Instead, the last week will just include games scheduled for as many teams as possible on the day

For 11s and older, games will be played based on ladder position (i.e 1 v 2, 3 v 4, etc). Again, we will try to offer as many teams as possible a game on the day but this may not always be possible depending field availability.

Player Conduct

Penalties will be imposed upon members and/or teams who infringe Newcastle City Touch Association rules relating to judiciary matters, namely:

  • any member guilty of improper or insulting behaviour at any time towards any official including a referee in relation to his/ her duties
  • any person who has committed any breach of the playing rules of the Association
  • any person who disobeys a direction of an official of the Association
  • any person who behaves in a manner detrimental to the interests of the Association.

Rough and illegal play will not be tolerated. Offending players and/or teams will be suspended. Any player who is sent from the field by the referee for the remainder of any competition game will receive an automatic 2 match suspension. If the offence is deemed serious, the offending player will be required to appear before the judiciary sub-committee and may be suspended from this and all affiliated competitions for a period determined by the judiciary sub-committee, depending on the nature and severity of the offence. Any player who is sent from the field and reported will be advised within 7 days of the location and time of a judiciary hearing. The player may attend the hearing accompanied by one witness. The player may appeal against any suspension greater than 2 weeks. Washed out, cancelled games or byes do not count as part of a suspension.

Alcohol and Smoking

No alcohol is to be brought to or consumed during junior games at the venue.

Smoking is also not permitted within the venue. This includes cigarettes, vapes and e-cigarettes.