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About our Senior Social Competitions

Our Touch Association runs both Senior, Summer and Winter Competitions. Our Senior Winter Competition runs from April to July and our Summer competition from September to December.

2024 Winter Senior Competitions are due to start from Monday 29th April- Team Registrations are now OPEN!

Monday Senior Men’s, Women’s Competitions and Family Program -Games 6:30pm, 7:05pm, 7:40pm, 8:15pm

Thursday Mixed Senior – Games 6:30pm, 7:05pm, 7:40pm, 8:15pm

The Winter Senior Competitions run for 9 rounds maximum and 8 minimum (this allows for one wash out), plus the semis and finals double header (DH). No games will be played on Thursday 6th June due to the Women’s State of Origin game 2 at McDonald’s Jones Stadium or Monday 10th June due to the long weekend. Games will be 30mins touchdown-turnaround.

Competition Dates:

Round Monday Thursday
1 29th April 2nd May
2 6th May 9th May
3 13th May 16th May
4 20th May 23rd May
5 27th May 30th June
6 3rd June 13th June(DH)
7 17th June (DH) 13th June (DH)
8 17th June (DH) 20th June
9 24th June 27th June
Semis/Finals 1st July (DH) 4th July (DH)

Family Program  

The family program is a 6-week game-based experience to build the confidence of our younger players by learning from family members on the field. It will be on a Monday evening at 6:30pm each week starting on Monday 29th April- Monday 3rd June.

Each team will need approximately 8-10 players, 6 players will be on the field, 3 players under 14 and 3 players 14 and over are on the field at a time. The focus is on your family playing together and we do encourage adults (over 18) to be on the field. Any player 14 and over (adults) are not allowed to shoot up in defence or take more than 2 steps from half in attack. We are keen to make this about the younger kids and encourage them to learn and enjoy the experience. We have no minimum age as you will know if your children are ready for this experience and have the basic run and catch skills.

The family competition is a team payment of $200. Players will still need to complete the online rego using the team link and pay the TFA yearly insurance fee of $22, if you have not yet paid for this year.

Please read all the information below before registering. Most FAQ’s should be answered but if you need further information please email


Team Registrations 2024 Winter Senior Competitions

Please read all the information below before registering your team or as a player.


Teams must have a minimum of 8 players registered prior to the 22nd April be included in the draw. All teams require a minimum of 8 players to cover team costs and ensure you have enough players to take the field each week. Teams that forfeit 3 round games will be withdrawn from the competition. Teams that play an unregistered player will receive 0 points.

All players must be registered prior to taking the field. If players register prior to round 1, the early-bird registration fee is only $85 per senior player and $75 per junior player. This fee covers our NSW Touch affiliation fees and club expenses in running the competition. This does not include the Touch Football Australia, yearly insurance fee of $22 that will be automatically added to your registration fee, if you have not yet paid for this year, during the registration process.

Family competition fees are $200 per team. Players will still need to complete the online rego using the team link and pay the TFA yearly insurance fee of $22, if you have not yet paid for this year.

If you don’t already have one, players must purchase and wear a Newcastle City reversible singlet for $25. These can no longer be added during online registration and must be purchased at the clubhouse (dates and times will be advertised). Only registered players can purchase a singlet.

IMPORTANT: All players in our senior or junior competition will need to purchase a reversible singlet. Unfortunately, you cannot use your own shirts/singlets. The singlets can be reused in future junior and senior competitions.

How to register a Team?

Step 1 – Team registration

Wanting to register a team?

  • Click the team registration button above to view the available competitions (Look for 2024 Winter Seniors- we cannot hide all the other competitions so please scroll)
  • Once you find the right one, click Register (log in to MySideline) and enter the required information.

No payment is required for this step.

When you register your team you will see the list of competitions on the MySideline page. Enter your team in the comp that best suits (check: Night: Men’s A-D/Women’s A-C/Mixed A-E). There are a range of grades/divisions for each competition depending on your team’s skills and level of experience. These grades/divisions may be adjusted by the club depending on team numbers. The club will discuss and change this for you.

For now choose your best fit from:

  • A- experienced/elite/rep teams
  • B- experienced/competitive teams. Women’s- some experience
  • C- Men’s and Mixed- some experience. Women’s- limited or no experience
  • D- Men’s and Mixed- limited or no experience
  • E- Mixed- no experience/still learning

Step 2 – Team manager invites players

If you have registered a team, we call you the team manager. Team managers are a vital part of organising our competition, so thank you!

As team manager, we need you to get all of your players to register into your team. You do this by “inviting” them to register. You can either invite them using the screens when you first register the team or later. The invitation process sends each player a link so they can register as a player straight into the team (if you enter email addresses). Or you can copy and send the link to your players in a text message or group chat. Check your emails from MySideline for the player registration link. 

You can access MySideline Manager to view your team members using this link: To login, use the same email address and password you used to register the team. This link can be accessed via a desktop computer or mobile device. For more information about this feature, Please refer to

Note: if you have multiple teams linked to your MySideline account, you can only view one at a time. Click the menu item in the top left and then ‘Switch Role’ to view a different team.

Step 3 – Player registration

To register yourself into a team you will require an invitation email or a link from your team manager. Your player fee is required during the MySideline rego process.

Senior Comps- How much does it cost and how do you pay? EARLY BIRD REGO (an extra $10 will be added after 29th April)

Fees for Winter Competitions 2024:

Senior Aged 18+ =$85 per player

Juniors Aged 17- =$75 per player

Plus- TFA annual fee = $22

This must be paid during the registration process on MySideline.

Only players who are registered online and have paid fees will be able to take the field. Teams cannot have an unregistered player, or a player registered in another team ‘fill in’. We do allow a single game registration at a cost of $15 per game but this must be requested in an email, approved and payment made at the clubhouse prior to the game.

What do our player fees cover?

The player fee covers fees with NSW Touch. It includes a club maintenance fee for grounds, lights, equipment and it includes referee fees.

$25 extra for your reversible singlet to wear for all our competitions. You can wear previous years.

All players must be correctly attired in team uniform. Uniforms consist of the Newcastle City Junior Touch reversible singlet and any shorts or pants. Shoes must be worn at all times.

Playing Singlets

All new players will need to purchase the singlets during the registration process. The singlets can either be worn with a blue side or, if worn inside out, a red side to distinguish one team from the other.


You will wear Blue when you are first on the draw and Red when you are second.

Footwear and other items

Shoes with screw-in studs or cleats are not to be worn by any player. Light leather or synthetic boots with soft moulded soles are permitted, provided individual studs are no longer than thirteen millimetres (13 mm) in length; the measurement being taken from the sole of the boot. Playing barefoot is not permissible.

Jewellery and Fingernails. Players are not to participate in any match while wearing any item of jewellery which might prove dangerous. Long or sharp fingernails are to be trimmed or taped.


Playing Rules

Games will be played in accordance with the Touch Football – 8th edition rules

Official Referee

The committee will attempt to provide an official referee for all games. This fee is included in your player registration. We are also keen for more refs so if you are interested in doing a ref course, please see all the info on our referee page.

Game Start

Games are 30 minute touchdown-turnaround. If a team does not have 4 players on the field ready to play at the start of the game, they will be given five (5) minutes before the game is declared a forfeit with the opposing team being declared the winner.


If you cannot field a team for a game, you must notify us as by emailing ASAP, but no later than 4pm game day. This will allow us to contact the other team. Please do not message on our social media as this may not be monitored at all times.

Rather than a forfeit we would prefer you play short or bring a friend and contact us to complete a night registration. See info above.

Game Points and Ladder

Scores will be recorded on MySideline each week where you will be able to see the fixtures and ladder. See Draw and Results tab.


Finals are a 1 week, 4 team fixture. Semi-finals are 1v4 and 2v3 in each division, with winners progressing to the grand finals. No finals for the family competition.

Age Restrictions

To play in the senior competition you must be turning 14 (in that competitions calendar year) e.g 2024 Senior Winter Competition players minimum age is turning 14 in 2024. The only exceptions to this are if you are a junior representative player playing with other adults in the team and your request to play has been approved by the senior committee.

Player Conduct

Penalties will be imposed upon members and/or teams who infringe Newcastle City Touch Association rules relating to judiciary matters, namely:

  • any member guilty of improper or insulting behaviour at any time towards any official including a referee in relation to his/ her duties
  • any person who has committed any breach of the playing rules of the Association
  • any person who disobeys a direction of an official of the Association
  • any person who behaves in a manner detrimental to the interests of the Association.

Rough and illegal play will not be tolerated. Offending players and/or teams will be suspended. Any player who is sent from the field by the referee for the remainder of any competition game will receive an automatic 2 match suspension. If the offence is deemed serious, the offending player will be required to appear before the judiciary sub-committee and may be suspended from this and all affiliated competitions for a period determined by the judiciary sub-committee, depending on the nature and severity of the offence. Any player who is sent from the field and reported will be advised within 7 days of the location and time of a judiciary hearing. The player may attend the hearing accompanied by one witness. The player may appeal against any suspension greater than 2 weeks. Washed out, cancelled games or byes do not count as part of a suspension.

Alcohol and Smoking

No alcohol is to be brought into the venue.

Smoking is not permitted within the venue.

Field Layouts

Our association play at the Newcastle Harness Racing Club, behind McDonald’s Jones Stadium, 294 Turton Road New Lambton NSW

There are currently a total of 7 fields available.


Newcastle City Touch Fields

Warm Up Arena

Mason Park

Is Touch the same as Tag?

No, there’s no ‘tag’ in Touch Football! You don’t need any specific types of shorts to play like you do in a tag game. 

Do you have to be fit to play Touch?

Nope, Touch Football at park level is a social sport. And there’s a reason it’s Australia’s largest social sport, with 700,000 people around the country taking part – everyone can play, no matter your age or size. It’s just about finding a social team that suits you. At Newcastle City we have divisions to suit teams from A-B experienced through to C-F for beginners. 

What is Mixed Touch?

We offer ‘Mixed’ competitions on a Thursday evening, which means males and females can play in teams together. This means teams will need to ensure 3 females and 3 males are on the field at all times.


Sports Injury Claims Procedure

  1. When injured, report your injury to your Association immediately and fill out the injury report form. (This must be done on the day/night) DOWNLOAD HERE
  2. Request a claim form within 30 days via Sportscover – or download via the TFA website
  3. Ensure your team, local association and state are provided. Ensure the official report form is completed by your association. Please remember to complete all section to avoid delay
  4. Have your medical practitioner to fill in the appropriate statement and email all completed paperwork to
  5. Claim from your Private health insurer/Medicare, if applicable
  6. When treatment is complete please return all accounts.

Touch Football Australia manages changes to the policy to maintain currency with industry requirements. In addition, claims are managed so large increases related to increase claims are evened out across the scheme ensuring stability with insurance related costs for local associations.  

To review the coverage available, we recommend all individuals to consider their personal circumstance and assess if additional external coverage is required outside of what is offered as part of membership to the affiliated structure of Touch Football Australia.

 To view policy related information, please visit the ‘Insurance’ section of the Touch Football Australia website:

Wet Weather

For Wet Weather Updates please follow our Facebook page.

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Decisions will be attempted to be made well in advance, however this is sometimes out of our control.


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