Junior Comp Game Day Guide 🎉

We love game day, organised chaos with a couple of thousand people coming to the field. This guide is mainly for first-timers but we ask that even returning families skim through it.

Draw 📅

The draw is available via the Touch Football Australia website. You just need to know which age group your child is playing in and their team name.

Location 📍

Most games are played at our main fields within the Newcastle Harness Racing Club at New Lambton. Please see our location page for a detailed description of how to get to our main fields.

However, if you have a game listed on fields X1X2X3X4 or X5 then it will be played on one of the extra fields we have arranged through council. Please see our extra fields page for more details.

Parking and Safety 🦺

The following map shows the parking options depending on whether you use the Turton Rd or Jackson St entrance.

We also have a number of items to remember for your safety – the most important is that you do not cross the track until after 4:30pm and never do so if there are horses on the track.

Learn more about safety items..

Do not cross the track until after 4:30pm

For our competition, we only have access to the fields from 4:30pm. Horses may still be using the track until this time and it is definitely not safe for you to cross the track when this is happening. Please do not cross the track until after 4:30pm.

Use gates only

There are a number of gated entrances to the fields. Please use these and do not climb over the fences.

No playing on track

The gravel track is used regularly for training and racing. Any holes and bumps can be dangerous for the horses. The track is only to be used for crossing to and from the fields. Please ensure that kids do not play on the track.

Use spectator zones

Wherever possible, we ask you to watch games from a preferred spectator zone. These are shown on the map but very simply they are areas where you can safely watch a game without there being another game behind you.

Clear fields after games

After your game, if you are in the area between fields, we ask that you leave this area immediately after your game. It is hard to ensure that groups of people in between fields do not accidentally stray into games in progress. Given we only have a 5 minute gap between games, clearing the area helps us to start the next game and maximise game time for everyone. We do understand that part of the game day experience is seeing friends and having a chat – we just ask that you move to the spectator zones on the field perimeters to do this.

Take care walking between fields

As soon as you leave the spectator zones and enter the field area, most of the grass is used for playing fields. There are narrow channels between fields where it is relatively safe to walk through. If you are walking in these channels, please walk through in single file as there is not room for large groups to walk safely side-by-side. Also, please walk through quickly and keep aware of games in progress to ensure that you avoid collisions.

No dogs

Sorry but no dogs are allowed at the fields whether on or off leash.

Playing gear 🏉

The basic playing gear is:

  • Reversible playing singlet – available from the club for $25.
  • Any shorts/tights – colour is not important.
  • Most standard football boots or joggers.

For the reversible playing singlet, wear BLUE if your team is on the left in the draw, RED if you team is on the right. See our uniform page for more details.

Haven’t got a reversible playing singlet yet? You can purchase one from the clubhouse before your game.

Scoring ✍️

There is no scoring, ladders or finals for 7s and 9s so this section is only applicable for 11s and older.

We ask that an adult from the BLUE team volunteer to do scoring. It is a simple job. Just:

  1. Acknowledge to the referee that you’ve recorded the try and keep tally anywhere on the sheet.
  2. At the end of the game, enter the final scores written as numbers in the Final Score boxes.

Wet weather 🌧️

Please see our wet weather page on how we advise whether games are on or not. If there is no notification, you should assume that games are on.

Have fun! 😜

Above all, we want the kids to have fun whilst keeping active. We think touch football is a great sport and we hope your child loves it. Let’s make sure that all comments to players, referees, spectators and volunteers is kept positive so everyone enjoys their experience at the fields.

We love positive feedback but we also know that sometimes this could be better. If you have any feedback, please come and see us in the clubhouse or email newcastlejuniors@gmail.com