Junior rep uniforms

This page explains how junior rep uniforms will work in the 2022/2023 season. There are a few changes introduced this year to simplify the administration process and reduce the ongoing cost for participants. Please ensure you read this information carefully to ensure you know how to obtain the correct uniform.

The minimum uniform required to play in a junior rep team is:

  • Playing shirt (boys) or playing singlet (girls)
  • Playing shorts
  • Socks

Other merchandise is also available. The following sections describe how you can obtain what you need.

Playing shirt/singlet

This year, we are introducing a new process for playing shirts/singlets:

  • If you have an existing shirt/singlet, you may continue to wear it as long as there are no clashes with your teammates.
  • If you need a new shirt/singlet, the club will provide it and you will need to return it at the end of the season.

How this will work is that we will provide an online form for all players to complete. We will then use this information to ensure that everyone on the team has a shirt/singlet that will fit and so there are no number clashes.

Why are we changing to this new process?

There are a few reasons why we are changing to this new process. These include:

  • Simpler administration process to ensure that there are no number clashes within teams.
  • Reduced initial and ongoing cost for participants as shirts/singlets are reused over multiple years.
  • Decreased wastage by ensuring items are reused and are not just sitting in a cupboard or discarded.

Many other junior representative sports follow a similar process for the same reasons.

Can I select my number?

Unfortunately, no. If the club is providing a singlet for you, you will not be able to select your number. However, this is a minor disadvantage compared to the significant benefits the new process provides.

What happens at the end of the season?

At the end of the season, we will ask that the team manager collects all club shirts/singlets (i.e. not owned by players) and ensures they are washed and returned to the club. They will then be held for use next year.

If you lose your singlet during the season and cannot return it, we will ask you to pay an amount up to the replacement cost for a new singlet (currently $35).

Playing shorts, socks & other merchandise

Newcastle Touch Playing Shorts Newcastle Touch Socks

Our playing shorts and socks are a required part of the uniform. If you don’t already have them, you MUST buy them via the online store when it is open.

The club also has a number of merchandise items for sale including caps, backpacks & fleece hoodies.

Use the following link to view merchandise and also to find the link to the online store when it is open.