Join our Ref team

As a player at Newcastle City Touch, you have no doubt watched our referees in action and marvelled at their remarkable athleticism and precise decision-making under pressure. No longer must you watch from afar as we now give you the opportunity to put your whistle where your mouth is.

Quite simply, for our competition to continue to grow, we need more referees in our senior competition. For giving us your time, we do actually pay you for every game you ref. How good is that? You get paid to keep fit and tell people what to do!

Play one, Ref one!

Our Play one, Ref one initiative is to ask people like you to ref a game each night you play. We offer training and will start with shared games with experienced refs until you have the confidence to ref a game yourself. It is completely flexible so if you can’t make it any week, that’s fine – you only need to let us know in the morning what times you are available that evening.

Register for our Level 1 Ref course

To ref in our senior competition, we need you to at least become a Level 1 referee. The next Level 1 course is on Sunday, 17th September 2023 from 3pm at Newcastle City Touch fields. They don’t come around that often (we only do one a year at Newcastle) so if you are interested, this is the one for you. There is a prerequisite online component which is compulsory and REGISTRATION IS ESSENTIAL. All of the details to register are included on our main Referees page.

One last thing: the course includes a $49.50 charge per attendee. After you ref your first game in our Seniors summer competition, just provide your course receipt and we will fully reimburse you for the Level 1 ref course fee so you won’t be out of pocket. Sign up today to play one, ref one!

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