Welcome to our Junior Competition Referee Team! 💙❤️

If you have just completed your Level 1 Referee course and want to referee in our junior competition then this page explains how to join the team.

If you attended the Level 1 course but did not complete the online modules beforehand, you will not be able to ref in our junior comp until this is completed. Please get this done quickly so we can get you on the fields as soon as possible!

Step 1 – Fill in the junior comp referee registration form✍️


This is an important first step as it includes your contact details which we use to add you to the ref team chat. You will need WhatsApp installed on your phone and a profile added to join the chat – we can add the junior ref, your parent or both as indicated on the form.

The form also includes the account that you want us to pay into – I’m sure you understand that this is important as well. 💰

Step 2 – Provide availability for Tue, 19th September 2023 📅


Once you are added to the WhatsApp chat, you will get regular reminders to provide availability for the various timeslots via an online form. We use this each week to allocate games. Given you may not be on the chat yet, the link to the online form for this week is included above.

Please fill in this form no later than 6pm on Monday, 18th September to be considered this week. Given the large number of new refs, you may only receive one 7s or 9s game this week. When we are back in Term 4, we have more games running concurrently with the extra fields so there will be many more opportunities to ref.

Step 3 – Read our guide 👁️

Guide for Junior Competition Referees

This page includes information about rules, scoring and expectations. Please ensure you have read this before your first game.


Any questions? Please email us via newcastlejuniors@gmail.com or via WhatsApp when you are added to the chat.