Newcastle Grammar School Team Registration

Firstly, we would like to welcome Newcastle Grammar School (NGS) students to our junior touch competition. We hope that you will enjoy your season, learn some new skills and have fun whilst keeping active.

This page has been put together to summarise the process that must be followed to register NGS students into their allocated teams.

Here are a few answers to questions you might have:

Why do I need to register at all? Can the school do this for me?

Our association is an affiliate of NSW Touch, which requires that all players in our competitions are registered for insurance purposes. The registration includes acceptance of terms and conditions and therefore must be performed by a parent, not by the school on your behalf. Hopefully, this guide will help explain how to perform this registration as simply as possible.

Why do we need to follow a special process for NGS teams?

For most players, the registration process allows parents to register into teams and make any required payment as part of the flow. However, for NGS students, we will invoice the school directly. Therefore, we need to provide a way of allowing you to register your child into a team but avoid any payment steps. If you follow our guide, you should not need to make a payment when registering your child. If you are prompted to enter your credit card details during the process, please stop and check whether you have performed these steps correctly.

What is the "association voucher" that the school has provided me?

The association voucher is something that Newcastle City Touch has created for use by each NGS parent when registering their child. It acts like a discount code so that the payment step may be bypassed without you needing to enter credit card details. It is not to be confused with the Active Kids Voucher provided by the NSW Government but acts in a similar way during the payment step. This guide explains when you need to provide the association voucher.

Do I need to purchase a singlet during the registration process?

No, this will be handled between ourselves and the school. Please skip this step during registration.

Registration process

IMPORTANT: As part of an NGS team, under no circumstances do you need to enter your credit card or Active Kids Voucher details during the payment step. The school has been provided with ‘association vouchers’ which will allow you to complete the payment step.

Please complete this process by the end of Thursday, 25th August as the association vouchers will expire soon after.

Step 1: Start with the team registration link

The school has pre-registered a number of teams and will let you know which team to register in. The following are registration links for the various teams:

These links will take you to the MySideline registration system which touch football shares with the NRL. The screen will show the team name. Click on this and then the green Register button.

You will be advised that you need an NRL Account to register. If you already have one (e.g. you have played rugby league or touch in the last year or so), you will be able to log into that account. Otherwise you will need to create one. This guide assumes that you don’t have one.

Step 2: Create NRL Account

If you do not have an existing NRL Account, the screen will lead you onto the process of creating one. This step should be done in the parent’s name as you will be registering on behalf of your child. This is a simple process involving your email address, new password and a few personal details.

Step 3: Add a profile

Once your NRL Account is created, you need to add your child as a player. Click on the Add a New Participant button and enter the basic details requested here.

Step 4: Enter registration details

Click on the newly added profile and continue entering the requested details over a couple of pages.

Step 5: Skip singlet step

You will be asked about purchasing a reversible playing singlet. Please skip this step as this will be organised with the school.

Step 6: Use association voucher to complete registration

You will see a screen summaring your registration but it is not complete as yet. Click on Continue to move to the payment page.

On the payment page, click on Add Association Voucher and enter the voucher number provided by the school. The $80 registration fee should show as being completely covered by this voucher. You can now complete your registration.

Another child to register?

If you have another child to register, the process is similar except you will not need to create a new NRL Account. Instead you can add your 2nd child as an additional profile and register as described.

What do I do if I’m having problems?

Please send an email to, let us know that you are trying to follow the NGS registration process and explain the problem. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.